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Sexy Scream T-Shirt 
Halloween fun print t-shirt 
spooky season special
black power I WILL SURVIVE 70S style hoodie queer comic
baby pink/baby blue/ black 
bubblegum skull t shirt
Halloween collection by
Space Queer hoodie NASA LOGO       Grey/black/white/pink/blue

we are QUEER

Our bodies are Q u e e r 

Fashion always had and still is a powerful form of affirmation for many Queer people.. 

We learned to speak our sexuality also through our clothing, express our diverse selves through rainbow colors.


Cocky, Bold, Eccentric.


Androgynous, Goddess-like, Free to be.


Being Queer = Social Movement 

Breaking gender binaries redefining femininity, masculinity, and everything in between and outside of the spectrum.

Embracing and embodying the diversity of our bodies and minds on our own terms.  

Clothes have no gender.

We r a collaborative Online Clothing Store connecting with queer artists around the world*

transforming queer creativity in fashion


Helping and reaching out to LGBTQI+ charities

made by queer artists


Customer Queer

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